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(26o22' North-20o21' North and 90o33' East - 90o34' East )

Assam and its six neighbouring states of North East India lie at the centre of the wolrd's richest bio-geographic area. The bio-geographic richness does not relate only to the diversity of flora and fauna but also it diverse topography and climate. Assam and North East India is a part of the tremendous altitudinal zonation of the Eastern Himalayan ranges which is regarded as one of the world's highest priority conservation areas(hot spots) according to International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN).
  Different troops having adult, juvenile and new born infants of Golden Langur, a rare species of langur which is not found elsewhere in the world except in Indo-Bhutan Border areas have been found in the Kakoijana Reserve Forest in the Bongaigaon district of Assam. It is an isolated population in a discontinous habitata.
   Kakoijana Reserver Forest area having an area of around 2000 hactre the habitat of one of the rarest & highly endangered species like Binturong, Jungle Fowl, Pangolin,Hornbill, Leopard,Porcupine, Python, Lesser Adjutant, Stork, Flying Squirrel, Monitor Lizard, Barking Deer, Mongoose, Civets, Jungle Cat, Wild Cat etc. is today lying totaly unprotected.Lack of awareness among the local people about the importance & significance of these superb creatures have virtually threatened the extinction of the Kakoijana Reserve Forest & its invaluable wild inhabitants.
  Destruction of Kakoijana Reserver Forest will divide and disrupt the existing land used for agricultural in the proxmity of the Reserve Forest. The rich top soil of the adjacent alluvial agricultural land belonging to 21 revenue villages will be covered by silt deposits from the degraded forest and reduce the fertility of land leading to poor yield year after year.

Now various students, voluntary, literary,non-govermental organization, political parties, leading citizens of Assam as well as North East India, have joined the Kakoijana Bachao Andolan, which has snowballed into a major mass environment movement in Assam& North East India spearheaded by Appropriate Technology Mission, Assam(ATMA), demanding declaration and preservation of Kakoijana Reserve Forest as a wild life sanctuary.

There had been a persistent demands from nature and wild life conservationist, various NGO's, more particularly the ATMA and people that the Kakoijana RF should immediately to declare as a Wild-Life Santuary under section 26A(b) of the wildlife(Protection) Act, 1972 which says"Any area comprised within any reserve forest or any part of the territorial waters,which is considered by the State Govt. to be of adequate ecological ,faunal, geomorphological, natural of zoological significance for the purpose of protecting, propagating or developing wildlife or its environment is to be included in a sanctuary"

and thereby preserve the habitat of Golden Langur and other schedule-I animals, plants and take measure for tourism and socio-economic development for generating employement for the 21 Nos. of revenue villages viz. Hapachora, Gorgaon-I, Gorgaon-II, Kuchiakata,   Thakuranipara,Noapara,Kamarpara-Kathalguri,Kathalguri, Chiponchila-I,II,III, Betbari, Jhakuapara-II,Chitkagaon, Hirapara, Ravapara, Chaprakata-II, Chaprakata-III and Kakoijana under Central Sector "Eco-Development Around National Parks & Sanctuaries" Scheme. Proposed Kakoijana Wildlife sanctuary should be an island of bewilderment for protection, preservation of forest, wildlife and environment in Assam as well as North east India.



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